How Can Seniors Stay Physically Active – 5 Ways

Exercise is a critical component in maintaining physical fitness. As we grow older, our need for physical activity increases. By being physically active, seniors can live a happier and more balanced lifestyle, especially during their retirement years. This article touches on five ways seniors can keep active. Have a read and let us know if this information was useful to you!

#1 Slow and Steady — Due to mobility constraints, seniors should take it slow and steady. An excellent place to start is walking on a beginner’s groomed trail or running track set on level ground. Taking your time will assist with maintaining balance, and studies show there are benefits from exposure to fresh air and natural scenery. Move slowly, yet surely and be sure to take breaks when needed. Mostly, avoid overtaxing environments or situations that can lead to unwelcome injuries.

#2 Hydration — For everyone and especially seniors, it is vital to stay hydrated during physical activity. Seniors require eight glasses of water a day or more if they are exercising. By using a refillable bottle, seniors can keep track of their water intake, and there are many new and innovative water bottle designs that seniors can carry around, keeping them refreshed and stylish too.

#3 Check with a Doctor — Before starting any new exercise regimen, seniors should check with their doctor. It’s crucial to ensure that the routine is safe and effective. Doctors can also review limitations, ensuring the proper techniques are being considered. As seniors often deal with balance issues, exercise will help give them better balance, but it is still vital to keep watch, so they don’t fall and require a hip replacement.

#4 Gym — Many gyms offer senior’s a discounted membership. Take advantage of individualized sessions with a trainer or have a trainer explain how the equipment should be used. There will always be people around who have similar goals, so seniors can start a conversation, learn some new exercises and better yet, make a new friend! Don’t forget to stay hydrated and arrive with some food in your stomach, so that energy levels are high.

#5 Relaxing — While exercising is exceptional, relaxing is even better. Seniors should develop a daily routine that includes some time to relax and enjoy activities that don’t require too much movement. Keep it moderately challenging and engage in activities that promote mental endurance, such as Sudoku or playing with the latest technologies. Have fun and keep up with your grandson!

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