How Can You Practice Mindfulness – 3 Simple Suggestions

Meditation is the act of practicing mindfulness by reducing outward thoughts and focusing on inward sensations. We can use the breath to help establish a focus as the main goal is to reduce outside noise as much as possible.

Studies have shown that meditation drastically improves concentration and has even been linked to improving overall health and wellness. There are many short-term benefits to the nervous system, such as lower blood pressure, improved blood circulation and less anxiety. The following ways will help you incorporate a mindful practice into your day-to-day routine:

#1 Do a Digital Detox Remove technology from your space and go back to practicing an analog lifestyle. Even if for only one day, this will help to clear your brain. Technology can affect our memory, attention spans and sleep cycles, so a digital detox can empower you to regain some aspects of your physiology that you don’t even consider regularly.

#2 Read a Book Take a trip to your local library and enjoy the scenery on your way there. Then find a great book to read, feel the pages, the bumpy or smooth surface of the cover and head home. Once you’re at home, make a pot of tea and find a cozy seat to read. Studies suggest that reading not only improves your brain’s connectivity, it also increases attention spans, focus and concentration.

#3 Make a Fancy Dinner – Stepping away from the daily grind can be breathtaking. When you prep ingredients, follow a recipe and focus on constructing a delectable meal, your mind thinks methodically, and this can help you to relax. Post cooking duties like washing the dishes can also calm your nervous system. Research shows that by focusing on the present moment, you can decrease nervousness, release endorphins and enhance mental creativity. See, your fancy dinner is going to be one step fancier!

The list can go on and on, but try the three methods above. Your mind will not regret it!

3 Ways to Practice Mindfulness