What Are 5 Common Health Concerns for Seniors – Things to Look out for

Health challenges increase as we age, so it is vital to be aware of common conditions so you can avoid serious illness later in life. This blog post examines some top health concerns for seniors –

#1 Arthritis People 65 and older deal with this condition the most. It most cases, it leads to pain and a lower quality of health. Seniors should consult with their doctor to develop a personalized activity plan, along with other treatments that can be helpful.

#2 Heart Disease As a chronic condition, heart disease is the leading killer of people 65 and older, affecting 37% of men and 26% of women. Some risk factors that contribute toward heart disease are high blood pressure and high cholesterol, so seniors should exercise, eat nutritiously and sleep well at night to prevent the chances of having a stroke or heart attack.

#3 Cancer Cancer is the second leading cause of death among people 65 and older and affects 28% of men and 21% of women. Early screening can prevent cancer from spreading, and routine check-ups like mammograms and colonoscopies can help as well. Work with your doctor to develop healthy senior living recommendations.

#4 Diabetes We can identify diabetes and address early warning signs by testing our blood sugar levels. It is important to address if you are at risk for diabetes. You can make changes right away, mainly by eliminating sugar from your diet. 3 simple tips – get rid of table sugar, swap out soda for water and saying no to processed, baked goods.

#5 Falls The risk of falling increases with age. Every year 2.5 million people 65 and older are hospitalized because of falls. Most falls occur at home, where seniors are more susceptible to trip over area rugs or slip on wet bathroom floors. Seniors should avoid wearing loose clothing, wear shoes and install grab bars and handrails to help prevent falls from occurring.

Being an active and healthy senior can help prevent these health concerns from occurring. Incorporate daily walks into your schedule and perhaps try so lightweight resistance training or yoga. Eat a diet filled with fruits and vegetables, and be sure to drink plenty of water! We can’t avoid every health concern out there, but we can do our best to stay active and healthy.


5 Common Health Concerns for Seniors