How Can You Have Interesting Conversations With Seniors

The art of conversation has been prominent since its beginnings in Ancient Greece; however, experts suggest that there has been a decline in modern applications due to the advent of technologies and social media interactions. Speaking person to person has never been so crucial. We all have a lot to talk about, and we cannot ignore tackling meaningful discussions with older adults. Engagement is key. And remember, it is not any different from starting a conversation with someone your age!

Their Past – If we could all recall the best times in our life, it would make for a fascinating discussion! Take time to ask a senior about their past. What are their favourite childhood memories and memories from adulthood? Events and trends are continuously shifting as time goes by, so they may talk about something that you don’t even understand! Ask them what the best lesson they learned was and why and then perhaps this is something you could apply to your own life.

Views and Opinions – Imagine being part of a world that did not include technology! The difference would be astounding. Any senior can attest to how different the world is now, so take the opportunity to ask them about what life was like when they were your age. Ask them what one piece of technology in their day impacted their life. How did they view the world, politics, religion, even conventional notions like beauty and humour? Then, ask what made them happy this week – because it is vital to be present and mindful of today’s gifts.

The Future – It is always interesting to proposition the future, albeit we are living in the future today with everything becoming digital. So, what do you think an older adult would imagine the future from now to be? Talk about what they imagine their grandchildren accomplishing, what will the planet be like, how would they like to be remembered? This is a fun opportunity to daydream and conjure a promising world with perhaps flying cars and robot teachers?

Accomplishments – In this discussion, you can both discuss what you’re most proud of. How did a specific experience shape who you are today, and what is a lesson you would want to pass on to future generations? Try to relate to their stories and ask the right questions to find out more details. People like to sell themselves when talking about successes, giving each other a well-deserved spotlight while enjoying the conversation.

A good conversation is wise, subtle, and, at best, a work of art between two creators. We hope that you can find meaningful ways to start a conversation with an older adult and that you both get to learn something new and exciting in the process!

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